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This page will answer some of the our most frequently asked questions.

You may have noticed the site wasn't working for a short while, this was unfortunately out of our control and has meant that we've had to re-write the entire backend functions of the website. We've gotten to a point where the website works on a basic level again however functions such as category changing and anomaly removal still need to be added. We expect the site to be at a level similar to before within the next week or two and then will begin improving the site further from then.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause you.

AverageFinder has been created to give people a tool which allows them to find the sale prices of items sold on eBay. We have several further ideas which will give people even more information, in the not too distant future.

We have several more tools that we plan on adding in the not so distant future, such a tool which allows you to view current eBay auction items which have at least 1 bid (or however many bids you wish) to filter out the auction feed.

We also have plans to make a mobile app with serial code scanning ability, so you could scan items in store or on sale for an instant average. We also plan on adding a blog to keep you updated on our various developments as well as tips on buying, selling and miscellaneous things.

Unfortunately, due to changes made by eBay we've been forced to trial GoogleAds on a number of pages to determine whether the site can continue to operate. If the trial is successful, we should be able to improve the quality of the results given by our website.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer an API.





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